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Blunderbuss Wanderlust

August 4, 2010

Victor in the Tertiary

It started on the drive back from Wondercon in San Francisco. There was going to be a lull in between Terra Tempo One and Terra Tempo Two and there was the matter of needing to practice with the material for Terra Tempo Two. I asked Chris to do a series of drawings for each of the geologic time periods. He asked if we could make it into a story. And so it was born…

Blunderbuss Wanderlust: Being an Account of the Temporal Travels of Colonel Victor Von Vector and the Eras of His Ways.

The good Colonel has a time travel inducing blunderbuss gun that when he shoots, the recoil sends him on a journey from time period to time period, era to era.

Well, we were not going to just do a simple project…no, no…we had to make it a challenge. So it was written in Shakespearian sonnets.

The resulting work is whimsical, fun, and entertaining and if you pay attention to the drawings and the words, you may just learn something about the Earth’s history.

The book size of 6 by 9 inches fits perfectly on the back seat of most household toilets, but it also looks great on any coffee table.

Check out to get a sample fo the book and get a feel for how it looks! Then you can go to our online store and buy a copy. They make great gifts and are fun for the whole family.

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