The Fall

September 22, 2010

Greetings from the first day of Autumn!  As the summer turns its face from us and the day and night balance upon the hinge of this turning point in time, I take the time to check in and chart our progress here at Craigmore Creations.  As you may know from a few blog posts back, we are working with an agency to land a New York contract for Terra Tempo.  The big houses said “no”.  They feel that the project doesn’t have the nation wide appeal that merits their attention.

I ask, “Since when do saber tooth cats, drowning mammoths, giant sloths and a huge flood not have nation wide appeal?”

Well, it’s their loss.  I grew up seeing the skyline of Manhattan from the balcony of my mom’s house and though I would like to make an impression on that little island, I know from the past 15 years since I left home, that there is a wide world this side of the Hudson.  I also know that one way to catch the attention of New York is to become something without them.

So we are planting our Heelstone solidly in Portland, Oregon.  We found a local printer to work with, Printing Today, and we are going to do the first printing of Terra Tempo as a small press.  Craigmore Creations will officially be a small publishing house!

And we’re not just publishing Blunderbuss Wanderlust and Terra Tempo.  We’ve put a call out for other creators to join in the fun and we will begin work in October on bunch of new projects: two picture books, a comic strip, a informative column, and another full length graphic novel series.   I look forward to 2011, for it will be a productive year!

We have a new website in the works, too.  It should be live by October.  I’ve seen the previews of it and I’m excited for everyone to be able to see it.  Also, we have been working on an animated trailer for Terra Tempo.  Ashley Burke has joined forces with Craigmore Creations and will bring the work to life in a two minute movie style trailer.  Gideon Fruedman is laying down the music track with his unmatchable Cello-Bop style that is sure to shake the foundation of any ice dam.

Stay tuned!



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