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Desert Winds

May 19, 2010

We were out of the office from April 26th to May 6th on our Southwest Research Adventure. On that trip we visited Albuquerque, Petrified Forest National Park, Meteor Impact Crater, The Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Natural Bridges, Chaco Canyon National Historic Park, and more! One thing I can say about this region is the colors are amazing!

Book Two of Terra Tempo will be a treat to color.

We’ve been writing the story since we’ve been back. There will be more plot twists and some bad guys are entering the story to give our time traveling kids a chase!

The geologic story of the Colorado Plateau is rich. All of those colors in the rocks come from millions of years of sediments deposited and then millions of years more of erosion selectively uncovering landforms and revealing the beauty beneath.

The picture is from our horseback riding tour through Monument Valley. Our guide Robbie was awesome. If you are ever in the region, go on a tour with Black’s (928) 429 0637. Our whole experience with them was great!

We created a facebook page:

I’m working on being more regular with the blogging. Sometimes it’s difficult when there is so much going on and sometimes it’s a challenge when there is not much going on at all. But we’re entering a busy phase and there will be exciting news to come over the course of the summer.

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