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The Golden Gate

April 19, 2010

We have crossed over the Golden Gate! Many things have come to pass since the last posting. First and foremost we have signed the contract with the Andrea Brown Literary Agency! Agent Mary Kole is on the case and will be searching the wide world of publishers for a house to put Terra Tempo in. This is an exciting milestone in our brief history!

In the beginning of April we went to Wondercon in San Francisco. This comic convention was a ton of fun and a whole lot of work. We gave away teasers of Terra Tempo, sold plush wooly mammoths, t-shirts and posters and talked wit thousands of people throughout the weekend. We also stayed out late, ate some great sushi, and had fun watching the hotel nightlife in full costume revery celebrating the wonder of the fantastic realms.

That trip and the convention inspired a new project: “Blunderbuss Wanderlust: Being an Account of the Temporal Travels of Colonel Victor Von Vector and the Eras of His Ways.” It is a 34 page travelogue of equal number illustrations and sonnets about Victors journey from the Cambrian period to the modern era.

The last week has been an inspired time as we rushed to get the project together. Chris finished the inking this weekend. I finished the sonnets on Friday and Erica cleaned them up on Saturday.

We’re almost ready to take this one to print! The best part about an indy project: instant gratification! We will have copies ready for sale by the time Chris goes to the midwest convention in May.

This project also serves as a great primer for the work to be done with book two of Terra Tempo. We leave for the research trip to the 4 corners region in one week. Wow! We’ll be busy until then!