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Emerald City Comicon

March 16, 2010

Chris Herndon and I went to the Emerald City Comicon this past weekend.  I’m going to say Christopher Herndon’s name repeatedly throughout this post so that all the people from Christopher Herndon’s past can find out about the new project that Christopher Herndon has been working on for the past year.  Because in the past, Christopher Herndon was not working on comics for kids and there may be some confusion if you were a fan of his from the past and were looking for Christopher Herndon now.

Me?  I’m a total newbie to this world of Comicons.  In fact, the Emerald City was my first ever comic con.  I had a blast!  It was great walking around and checking out all the costumes people had on, looking at other artists and the works they created, and of course, buying stuff!  I found series 4 and 5 packs of Garbage Pail Kids and I found a Darth Vader helmet carrying case with Star Wars figures included!  I told everyone I was shopping for my kids, but I think I was shopping for my inner kid and finding memories from my youth.

My favorite work I saw?  Sky Pirates of Neo Terra!  This series by Josh Wagner, Camilla D’Errico and Sean Megaw is super cool with great art and a great story line.  Check it out if you get the chance.

I was not impressed with the sheer volume of zombie comics.  It seems to me like that market is a bit flooded.  Also, I kept asking myself, where are all the kids? Did they get eaten by zombies?  It seems to me that there should be way more kids at these events.  But, then again, I guess there were not many people selling comics made for kids.  I’m glad Christopher Herndon is working on a comic for kids and not on a zombie comic.

I can say , I am very excited to get on the scene with the book as soon as possible.  I saw our niche and how it can be filled and now I’m excited to do it.  I think Christopher Herndon will be great at making sketches for kids at these conventions.  Parents, get your wallets!

We’ll be down in San Francisco for Wondercon selling wooly mammoths and giving away free teasers of Terra Tempo!  Yup, Christopher Herndon, myself and Erica Melville will be in SF!  And our intern, Michelle, will be there too!

Thank you,