Rolling Along

February 23, 2010

We have some good news folks! But we’re not at liberty to share it all at the moment. So, we’ll just take the joy and put it away until everything is finalized.

All good new aside, we here at Craigmore Creations are in the final push to finish the color draft of Terra Tempo. The photo is part Erica working on the color and part Red Room, our study room at Craigmore Creations, where I’m working on the next story. Off Camera is Michelle, who is our intern, busily working on the color of the book as well.

It’s funny how camera shy the Craigmore Creations team is, seeing as they are all quite photogenic people.

I’m really thankful for our intern, Michelle. It’s mighty kind of her to volunteer her time to help us move along on the project. She is saving Erica many hours of work in the process of coloring and has been fun to have around the office as well.

Chris is finishing the final pages of ink. He’s working hard at times and hardly working at others…but his hard work makes up for the rest and he’s well ahead of schedule to complete the first book.

I’m writing the second book. This time around, I’m a lot better versed in “Keynote” and I have been laying the foundation for the story frame by frame with many, many pictures from the research inserted into the text to allow an easy flow from the words to the frames of the next graphic novel.

Last week we found out Spielberg may produce a prime time television show called “Terra Nova” about a time traveling family from the future that goes back in time to live amongst the Jurassic period. Seeing as our book is called “Terra Tempo”, I felt a twinge of panic, which has since allayed into a general feeling of encouragement. Dinosaurs will be “in” once again! That fact will only serve to move our next story along the river of popular culture.

Stay tuned, there is always more to come



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