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December 17, 2009

“Time, time. We Have all the time in the world”–Bretz

Well, we do and we don’t here at Craigmore Creations. We do have all the time in the world to complete our current project, but we don’t have the luxury of slacking off too much and letting time slip away.

Time provides the parameters we work within. We’ve been working hard to complete the revision of the first three chapters and start showing them off to prospective agents, editors, and other interested eyes in 2010.

Can you believe it’s almost 2010? It seems like we’re in the future, at least from my perspective as a child of the 80’s.  2010 was a date in science fiction whene robots would be doing our laundry and space travel would be an everyday occurrence and moon bases would have fast food joints.

Well, at least we have iphones and online maps have reached a new point of sophistication and on account of the internet most every factoid that you would ever want to know is accessible to anyone willing to put in a bit of effort.

2010 will be a big year for Craigmore Creations. It will be the year “Terra Tempo: The Missoula Flood Story” comes out. Where and with who? We don’t know.

The turning point of a decade is a good place to enter into the unknown. What I do know is we have switched some things around here at the home offices in Portland, Oregon.

We work out of a place called The Linus Pauling House. For the past year Erica and I worked out of the main office downstairs. Then the notion came that perhaps we should have Chris working in the house. There was room upstairs for him. The thought had not occurred before because Chris seemed to like working out of his own house perfectly well.

As the winter approached Erica and I pictured Chris working in a cold dark basement  and decided it was probably better for moral if he had a nice well lit office with a view of Hawhthorne to work from. We offered him the blue room.

That notion set another notion into play: the notion that Erica needed more space to work in and that the nook she had been working out of for the last year may be too small and lack a proper view. So I offered her the green room upstairs. It, too has a nice view of Hawthorne and it gets way more light and it has windows that one can stare out at when ones eyes need a break from the computer screen.

Me? I’ve stayed in the main office. It’s a little dark and cavelike, but it’s got my desk and there is no way I’m moving my desk up those stairs to join the others. That and bless them both, they love talk radio and talk radio drives me nuts. So I’m better off down stairs with music or silence and piles of books as I research the next phase of things: Evolution and the Southwest US.

Stay tuned for future developments! Holiday break is rapidly approaching and the three of us are going to various places around North America. We’ll reconvene in January and be on the fast track to finding an agent for this work!

May your personal journey into 2010 be a good one and may the next decade be one of wonder and prosperity!

See you next year,