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November 18, 2009

The book has been going through edits.  So far we have had a team of professional geologists and paleontologists take a look at the project.  They were most helpful in pointing out places where we were either mistaken, misunderstood, or just plain errant in technical details of the flood.  Thank you guys!  This type of critical eye is most valuable in writing for the facts as well as the entertainment.

Then we had the book looked over by a selection of creative types who have specialized in literature and entertainment.  These folks looked over the book and gave their feedback in regards to word choices, grammar usage, and the over all flow of the panels and ideas of one page into the next.  Critiques were offered in regards to the way certain scenes were played out, and wether or not other scenarios were likely to happen given the context of the characters.  This input was also of immense value for the process of molding the next revision of the book.

With all of the feedback in mind, the edits begin!  Erica and I have modified all text and re-arranged some of the layout and come up with a few more in other places in order that the next revision of the book make ring like a bell in it’s tone and clarity.  Now we await the illustrious illustrations of Chris who has been in a haunted house for the past few months…not as a resident as much as a creative wizard generating haunting experiences for the people of Portland.

We look to have the new revisions done with by the winter Solstice!  Stay tuned and wish us luck!