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Tracking for a Publisher

September 23, 2009
Caleb tracking rabbit into Megalonyx

Caleb tracking rabbit into Megalonyx

Well, it’s the fall and it’s hunting season. We here at Craigmore Creations are hunting for a publisher, or an agent and then a publisher for our work. We have some good leads at this point, but I’m bitting my nails at times, hoping for the best and being prepared for the worst.

We will also be sending the work to a few professionals in the fields of Geology and Paleontology for their input. We have put an enormous amount of research into the project and we would like to have the professional seal of approval upon our efforts.

The website for the book is very near completion and that is very encouraging. The feedback so far has been wonderful and we look forward to having a final product to share with everyone.

We have been looking into different ways to handle our printing costs for the drafts of the book. Kinkos is just plain expensive for our needs. Our local printer Francis and Son is very fun to work with and they do a great job, but they too, have to make $$ and so the costs pile up when you are compiling as many copies as we do.

We recently looked into buying or leasing a nice photocopier, printer, scanner, fax machine for our own personal use…you know, one of those big office machines that can kick out a book in 10 minutes. I think that would be awesome for our needs, but again, we are constrained by the costs for now.

So, we are working in limited numbers of copies for the moment and are doling them out on a need to read basis.
I cant wait until we have enough copies to share with everyone who wants to take a look!

Stay tuned, things are moving rapidly around here! We will have many more things to share in the coming weeks.

Be well,