Trillium Lake

July 9, 2009

Erica and I went to Trillium Lake on a cloudy earlier July day with the mission of capturing “different” images of the lake.  Google “Trillium Lake” or just clink on the link and you will find pages upon pages of the idyllic lake reflecting he image of Mt. Hood.  The weather was on our side.  The mountain was covered by a veil of clouds.  Nobody ever photographs the lake like this!

The Corn Lilly were in bloom and that was great to see. Look at all of them standing tall with one another!  The close up shows the symmetry of the flowers.

At the North end of the lake, there is a wetland.  It is here we photographed the Bog Orchid as well as the carnivorous Sundew plant.  (look close, it has sticky appendages)

Near the campgrounds we took some shots of the Yellow Pond Lilly.  I tried real hard to get a pic of a small little plover that was jumping from pad to pad, but I was not able to capture it from the distance.

I like the photo of the rock in the water.  I wonder if anyone else has ever photographed it.

The walk was cold and brisk.  It was 50 degrees!  That’s real cool for this time of year.

I thought a lot about “flower time”  and the timing of the bloom as one progresses upwards in elevation.  The camas were just blooming at Trillium but in the Willamette Valley they have long gone to seed.

I’m collecting inspirations and thoughts for the next story…


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