Searching for the Sound

July 2, 2009

Upper Horsetail FallsI bought a Tascam digital recording device a few months ago.  I figured it would be handy and helpful for our projects.  It sat around for a while as we learned how to use it.  Digital recording has come a looooooong way since I saw the first devices back in the mid 90’s.  Heck, digital recording has come a long way since 2007!

Erica and I went out to the Gorge to record waterfalls.  We recorded Upper Horsetail Falls with some success (although it sounds just like white noise.)  We also recorded the sounds of water dropping from a cascade of droplets of a “dripping wall”.

When we got back to the office and listened to what we had, we decided to surf the web to see what else was out there.  Oh boy, are there a lot of sounds.  So many, in fact, that you can find many free samples and downloads.

What we ened up with was a blend of sounds from dripping water, to rivers, to waterfalls, to waves of a rough surf to a bear growling.  Then we put Shaunice at  the intro on digeridoo (because she has nice grooves).  Erica layered them on top of each other using Amadeus, a studio recording program that we bought when I recorded a session of The Swinging Wolverines, a band I play with from time to time.

When our website for the story is all built you can hear the 23 second intro.  Funny how it takes 5 hours of work to come up with 23 seconds of sound.  well, that’s the world of production.  It takes time to make art and music.  It’s a job!


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